WiSe18/19 Holiday semester course at the University of Münster

WiSe18/19 Holiday semester course at the University of Münster

Registration for the Winter Semester 2018/19 Holiday term course at the University Sports Münster is possible soon, 07.02.2019 20:00.

Bhangra is a dance of joy, strength, energy and grace. It is a traditional folk dance from the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent.

Bhangra Fitness has become a global trend which combines the joyful dance with calorie burning cardio workout. The music is designed for everyone who knows how to dance or not. As long as you know how to jump and smile, it’s a fun workout that will leave you with a good mood!

For whom is Bhangra Fitness suitable for?

The program is meant for anyone who wants to try something new and get some exercise in return to change your mood.

No partner required.

The workout is designed as a solo dance and workout routine. You will learn and understand the traditional dance steps and do a fun filled workout to the beats of Bhangra music! The moves are progressive and evolve from less intensive steps to high tempo steps to help sweat it out depending on the participants comfort levels.

What to expect?

You will learn to dance on the traditional & modern fusion beats of Bhangra music. You will understand and learn the basic traditional steps and vocabulary important to express yourself and have fun!

What do you need?

Comfortable fitness clothing, shoes, water, towel and a jumping monkey spirit!

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