Testimonial Category: Hochschulsport Muenster


The way to learn the choreo was sometimes to chaotic and difficult. Easier is to make a choreo with steps which are planed. Because for people who dance it for the first time it’s very difficult to see structure and to follow. But on the other hand the course is really funny and a good…
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Ready for an Indian party

Ajay’s course was not only fun, it was also a great workout and I also got a glimpse into the Indian culture. First, we learned the basic moves, which can then be increased in difficulty and speed. So everyone gets along well and even those who have never danced, can easily learn the movements. For…
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Monkey Dancing!

The course was always fun. We laughed and talked a lot. We kind of learned how to dance bhangra. Sometimes the teaching methods were quite confusing but in the end bhangra is everything but a structured Dance and most of all lots of power and fun. Thanks for this lovely course and moreover for taking…
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Bhangra always makes you smile!

I tried Bhangra the first time this semester, although I actually don’t really like dancing. But Bhangra is different! It is so much fun and will definitely make you smile. Starting from the first lesson, I liked dancing Bhangra and also the music. Ajay is a good, motivated teacher and always in a good mood.…
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It is a lot of fun

Bhangra is a good work out and it is fun. The music is very energetic and Ajay is a very motivated teacher.